Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Roots of My Crazy Obsession

I am hanging out in the basement watching Schoolhouse Rock with my kids, and I want to offer you a precious insight into my soul. You see, I am obsessed with government, mostly state and local government, because I feel like I can have more of an impact. It's what I do -- I serve on committees and commissions -- I manage campaigns -- I lobby -- AND, this year I even WROTE A BILL. And it all started with Bill. You see, he's just a bill, and he's sitting there on Capitol Hill. And I FEEL for him -- I'm afraid he's going to get stuck in committee (which I can personally testify is a BAD BAD thing). Or he's going to get passed (finally. HELLO!) and then have to wait in the long line for the president to sign him (HURRY UP, Mr. Governor!). But someday, he's gonna be a law, Oh, I hope and pray that he will, but until, he is still just a bill. So by allowing me to sit in front of cartoons for endless Saturday mornings, my mom shaped my destiny, and now the destiny of my children (except for Little Miss, who would rather play with the money she stole from her brother's wallet. I am concerned about her destiny, but that is another post). So, that is an insight into my soul.


At 10:17 AM, Blogger daltongirl said...

So, wait . . . the insight into your soul is that you're worried because your daughter is a clepto?

Dang. I wish I knew where I came from. Schoolhouse Rock wasn't invented when I was that young, so it couldn't have been that. Must search my own soul. Maybe I'm not interested in government at all, but just love the idea of hanging out with cool people like you who do all the work. I bet that's it!

At 9:04 PM, Blogger NatGo said...

My daughter is the Queen of the Kleptos -- They had a meeting last week, and she came home with a crown. Wait. She says they gave it to her in an elaborate ceremony, but maybe she STOLE the crown. Either way, I think that makes her the queen.

Maybe my love of politics and government is some deep seated insecurity I have. Wanting to make a difference so I can feel important. Wanting everyone to like me. Wanting people to think I'm smart. NO -- THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!! So, it must be the Schoolhouse Rock (But if it's the other, I'm blaming that on my mother, too).

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Cat said...

Hey, I can sing the entire preamble to the U.S. Constitution thanks to Schoolhouse Rock! Not that it has ever really been a valuable tool in my life, but it sure as heck impresses the kiddos, I tell you what! Plus, Grammar Rock rules! interjections? Got 'em covered. Adjectives? I unpack 'em all the time. And I often take a trip to Conjunction Junction (what's your function?) myself, so who am I to judge?

I used to love the one about voting, with the women grooving out at the voting booths? And the singing about the suffragette movement and the dancing Statue of Liberty (I think) and stuff? Good times.

And you KNOW every time I have to head over to the Capitol I start singing, "I'm just a bill!..." And then I watch sit and wait, while a few key Congressmen discuss
and debate. Which is way boring, I'll have you know.

Heh. Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane, Nat.


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