Friday, October 27, 2006

Yummy, yummy.

Here is a recipe. It is yummy.

Peanut Butter Scotcheroos
(Scotcheroos is a fun word. I don't drink,but if I did, I'd slide up to the bar, and when the bartender asked me what I wanted, I'd say, "Give me a Scotcheroo, Barkeep!" And all the people at the bar would laugh and laugh and want to be my friend, mostly because they'd be super drunk, but partly because I am so clever! Scotcheroo! Hahaha!)

1 cup corn syrup
1 cup sugar

In large saucepan (and I mean large - like a jumbo/large saucepan) cook corn syrup and sugar over medium heat, stirring frequently (so, this would not be a good time to check your 5th grader's math homework, or to give your 2nd grader a practice spelling test. And I promise, I said 'club' not 'glove,' so THERE, 2nd grader. Clean out your ears!), until mixture begins to boil. Remove from heat. And don't put anything, like the lid to the sugar canister, on the burner, because it's still HOT. Duh.

Stir in

1 cup peanut butter

but don't buy that reduced fat peanut butter, because they take out a little of the fat (which is one of the better fats, I think - it's getting hard to keep track) and replace it with sugar. And sugar is bad. Except for the sugar and corn syrup mentioned above, which should be boiling in your jumbo/large saucepan right now.

Then stir in

6 cups of Rice Krispies

I have two theories about the Rice Krispies. 1) Buy the big bag of malt-o-meal fake Rice Krispies, because they are way cheaper. 2) Why do you need all those Rice Krispies? No one really eats them, because they're only good if they are covered in marshmallows and butter OR corn syrup, sugar, and peanut butter, and then covered with ***SPOILER ALERT*** melted chocolate and butterscotch chips. So you'll have to decide this for yourself. Good luck.

Press in greased 9" x 13" pan.

In your microwave, melt

1 cup butterscotch chips
1 cup chocolate chips

stirring every 30 seconds until smooth. Spread over cereal mixture. Decorate with candy corn and those yummy candy pumpkins cut in half. Then pretend that you are going to eventually give them to your neighbors to wish them a happy Halloween, but really eat them secretly while you watch season 2 of The Office on DVD.

Happy Halloween!


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