Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chuck Norris

It's been a long time, but something (okay, not just something, but the egocentric need to find out which writer I emulate) has brought me back to my sad, lonely, decaying blog. And, in random cutting and pasting, I found that I was pretty good at this, and also, that it was fun! So, I am back. Probably no one will read this, but anywhoo, here's the funny story of the day.

Junior and JT were channel surfing today, and stumbled upon Walker, Texas Ranger. Walker just got attacked by tomahawk-wielding Native Americans. The boys are entranced. JT is working out a plan (during the commercials, of course) to use his Walker skills to fight the people who hurt animals (JT's other favorite show is Animal Cops on Animal Planet). And, for the most part, I admire Walker, his butt-kicking skills and his values. Except I wish he wouldn't waste time removing his boots and belt (with awesome buckle) before jumping in the lake to save the lady who was drowning. I guess even Walker has his priorities.

Also, if you're wondering...Ernest Hemingway. At least for the above post.

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